What to include in a wedding program?

A well-planned wedding program will help to compile a sequence of individual wedding activities. In the following lines, you will learn what such a wedding schedule contains.


Whether your wedding is small or large, this handy helper will help you avoid chaos at the wedding. We have advice for you on how to create a wedding schedule or program and how to plan the details so that the wedding takes place without a single mistake. Let’s face it

Schedule a wedding as a personal organizer

On the wedding day, the bride and groom should pay special attention to themselves and to enjoy the wedding celebration together with the guests. Therefore, it is good to have prepared at least a general plan of the main activities with the time of their holding.

The newlyweds can arrange a wedding moderator who will guide the guests through the individual activities, or the wedding coordinator can help, or the newlyweds will take on this task themselves. Adult bridesmaids can also help.

It is a good idea to attach a written schedule, often referred to as a wedding program, as a separate card to the wedding announcement, or to acquaint the wedding guests with it on the wedding website, if you have them and, last but not least, through the wedding newspaper.

Probably the most important information of the wedding schedule is the time and place of the ceremony and behind it closely the beginning of the wedding reception. The information will be useful not only to your wedding guests, but also to the organizers of wedding activities and even the kidnappers of the bride.

Depending on whether your wedding will be all-day, half-day or, in exceptional cases, multi-day.

What to include in a wedding program

What to include in a wedding program

The main points that the program should not omit are the following:

  • Preparation of the bride and the groom
  • Ceremony
  • Wedding lunch
  • Speech
  • Cutting a wedding cake
  • Throwing a wedding bouquet
  • First newlyweds dance
  • Marriage quiz

Preparation of the bride and the groom

Make-up artist, hairdresser, wedding clothes. Set aside enough time for the bride and groom to go to the gala. Do not allow the slip to occur at the beginning and rather plan everything with sufficient reserve.

Ceremony: 30 Min – 1.5 Hours

Consider the length of the ceremony. Civil ceremonies last from 15 minutes, church ceremonies can last longer than an hour, so find out its length in advance plus add something to the congratulations to the newlyweds. The length of the ceremony is also influenced by the fact whether the newlyweds make wedding vows or not.

Wedding lunch: 2-3 Hours

If your wedding is all day, then the wedding lunch is the second most important chapter in the wedding schedule. Guests often look forward to a wedding menu. The wedding usually includes a three-course menu, or a banquet is included. Finally, a wedding cake with coffee is served. Guests not only eat, but talk at the same time, so be sure not to rush and leave enough time for this item.

Speech: 10 – 30 Minutes

If you ask a loved one to give a speech in advance, agree on when to do so. However, there can be more speeches. One of the witnesses, fathers, companions and bridesmaids, may have a speech. Bridesmaids and bridesmaids tend to have very amusing speeches, as they know the couple as their friends, so they can also reveal some spiciness to them, which others will have fun with.

Cutting a wedding cake: 15 Minutes

Cutting a wedding cake for newlyweds is a traditional wedding custom. Newlyweds are usually photographed when cutting a wedding cake. It is usual that the slicing of other portions is already provided by the restaurant staff.

Throwing a wedding bouquet – 20 Minutes

Another wedding tradition is throwing a wedding bouquet among the single girls present, who catches her, according to superstition she will get married within a year. The bride throws her back to the girls so she can’t see where the bouquet is flying.

First newlyweds dance – 15 Minutes to 1 Hour

The imaginary beginning of the evening dance entertainment is the first joint dance of the newlyweds. The first song to dance belongs to them. Some gradually dance across the floor, others perform a precisely practiced dance creation. Don’t delay with the dance so that the real dance party fun can start up in time.

Questions for a new marriage quiz

Will the honeymoon quiz be part of your wedding party? Take a look at our tips, which questions should not be missing in it and which ones should be omitted!

The wedding quiz will entertain not only your wedding guests, but also the couple themselves. Be surprised by what your loved ones bet on you. We believe that you will really enjoy this unforgettable fun!

Optional things that can be part of the wedding program

  • Morning preparations for the couple, including photography
  • A common champagne with bridesmaids
  • Read reciprocal letters and unwrap gifts, if you have any
  • Arrival of suppliers (bridegroom, photographer, cameraman, confectioner with cake, DJ, band,…)
  • Attaching harnesses to guests
  • Welcoming guests (performed by the father of the bride or one of the witnesses, or even the fiance)
  • Organization of a wedding column for the ceremony and possibly to the venue
  • Realization of traditions (breaking a plate, transferring the bride across the threshold, etc.)
  • Photographing
  • Afternoon fun at the wedding (wedding tree, photo corner, guest book, wedding pigeons, etc.)
  • Wedding games (raffle, wedding lanterns, sparklers, wedding quiz, 12 months game, Royal Carriage game, garter auction and more)

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