What Makes America Great?

There are plenty of reasons why America is a wonderful place to be. Experiencing a high living standard and basic rights along with hardly any corruption of power are great reasons but these are only some factors people love about the country.

What Makes America Great

Most Americans are law-abiding citizens and the government handles its power well. Politics are often discussed without being censored, resulting in healthy discussions and debates, with everyone enjoying free speech without the fear of reprisals.

4 Things That Make America Great

Let’s take a look on what makes America great place to live:

Opportunities for All

Known as the ‘land of opportunity’ the United States is renowned for those starting afresh or seeking a peaceful sanctuary.

Many people relocate to enjoy the possibility of a new career and possibility of raising kids there, and everybody has their own version of the American dream.

It is a country free from the threats of war or fear, and a very safe country compared to many others.

Regardless of race, nationality or gender, America promises some wonderful opportunities, allowing people to follow their dreams and whichever path they want to choose.

Once you have decided what you want to do, and you have the relevant dedication and ambition, nothing can hold you back from success if you are willing to put the work in.

High Standard of Living

It is fair to say that the standard of living in the United States is one of the best in the world.

Highly qualified, experienced medical staff such as doctors and other professionals offer excellent medical care.

Property and houses are also relatively cheap per square foot, and you can get economically priced groceries and other necessities.

Crime rates are lower than in many other countries, which is something else that helps businesses thrive.

All of these factors link with one another and result in the United States offering a great all-round standard of living.

An Excellent Economy and Civil Stability

America’s economy is one of the biggest on the planet, with the GDP actually being the world’s highest at $19.3 trillion. Finding work or even starting up your own company has never been as easy, and economic activity goes from strength to strength.

American people work together and this is not true of every country. If there is any civil instability, the police force is a simple a phone call away.

Going to school or work and coming home is something Americans take for granted, and crime is a rarity. The military is strong in America, to protect rights and freedoms, from the marines to the coast guards.

These people take pride in their jobs and serve their beloved country with grit and determination.

This is also why the United States is largely safe from international threats.

Human Rights for All Americans

Citizens are looked after by the bill of rights, which is a list of human rights. They can protest anything they don’t agree with.

People are free to follow their own ideologies and religions, and they can discuss any topic freely without censorship. A lot of countries don’t even have basic human rights to protect their own citizens.

Although the country was not born with these rights, men and women did have to fight and sacrifice their time and sometimes even their lives, in order for Americans to enjoy these rights today.

Open dialog is encouraged, allowing Americans to discover new cultures, religions and ways of life.

This ‘melting pot’ of ideas strengthens and educates the public knowledge, and the United States is home to so many different cultures, making it truly fascinating.


America is certainly a great place to be. Offering an ethical, well-balanced legal system, powerful economy and civil stability, it is one of the best places to live, and also a fascinating country to visit.

American citizens feel a great passion and pride in their nation, and this patriotic spirit is always evident. American people enjoy rights and freedoms, and are free to accomplish anything they put their mind to.