What is the average lifetime of brake rotors (discs)?

Maintenance of your car not only ensures a longer service life and, as a rule, also greater comfort, but even higher profit in the eventual sale. So it’s important to know what is the average lifetime of brake rotors and how to take care of the brakes to last a long time!

Average lifetime of brake rotors

Mechanics in car repair shops could write a thick book about the approach of individual customers to their cars and motorcycles. The most significant differences are usually with heavily tested machines – for example, vans or scooters for city couriers.

There are known cases where a driver visits a service due to worn brake pads after only 30,000 kilometers, but normally about twice the service life is achieved,” said technical manager at Car-Repair.

The service life of the brakes depends primarily on the driver and his driving style. “The driver affects the life of brake pads and rotors(discs) by more than fifty percent. The best way to ensure sufficient service life and function of the brakes is to anticipate the traffic situation.

The plates change three times more often than brake rotors(discs).

Driving style should be adapted by the right driver to the current load of the car, the quality of the road and, of course, the season. Only in this way can the ride be as smooth and predictable as possible.

What is the average lifetime of brake rotors

Brake care begins when new brake pads and discs are fitted, because they need to adapt to each other. The period lasts about 100 to 150 kilometres and more than 90 percent of the area of ​​the brake pads is in contact with the brake rotor.

In the next five hundred kilometres, the prudent owner of the plate will burn the so-called. “The brake system should be loaded to higher temperatures to burn the surface mixture of brake pads to harden and achieve the required braking properties.”

Average lifetime of brake rotors(discs)

If you are going to change brake rotors also with the pads, you should ideally use both components from one manufacturer to match them as much as possible. According to experts, the service lifetime of the brake rotors(discs) is on average 120,000 kilometers (75,000 miles) which is three times more than the lifetime of pads.

Brake pads are replaced three times, while brake discs are changed only once, which is a practical finding,” concludes technical manager.

If you handle the brakes and the car lightly in general and service, the car will reward you with extended service life.

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