What Boys Want? 30 Things They Love But Won’t Tell You

Girls are notorious for being complex creatures, but boys can be hard to figure out too sometimes. It’s true!

What Boys Want: 30 Things They Love But Won’t Tell You

A lot of people will assume boys are only interested in girls who look attractive, but that’s far from the only way to appeal to guys.

In fact, there are many other things that can stir up and maintain a guy’s interest.

So what are some of the things boys really want when it comes to girls?

30 Things What Boys Want From Girls

Let’s take a look – some of these might surprise you!

1. Physical Attraction

What Boys Want - Physical Attraction

Let’s start with this one, because it does play a large role. However, what one boy might find sexy and attractive another might not.

Everyone has their own preferences down to details such as eye color, physique and dress sense.

The media portrays certain types of women as being more attractive than others, but the key here is to make the most of your best assets.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

2. A Cute Smile

What Boys Want - A Cute Smile

Regardless of how you look, there are other physical features which can attract a boy.

One of the main ones is a cute smile which makes you look confident and happy.

This is always something boys love to see. Don’t be afraid to flash genuine smiles. A happy girl is an attractive girl.

3. Girls Who Value Themselves

What Boys Want - Girls Who Value Themselves

Showcase your best traits to look more attractive. This could be your appearance, the way you speak, your personality, or in fact anything else.

Tone down your flaws (yes, everyone has them) while taking pride in the things you do like about yourself.

Talk about little things you like to do, whether that might be yoga, reading a book each week or enjoying a bubble bath.

If you make your life sound interesting, he will think you have a balanced lifestyle and be interested in you.

4. Sincere Compliments

What Boys Want - Sincere Compliments

Guys love to receive compliments, just like girls do.

Compliments make him feel good, make him feel respected and make him feel wanted, all while keeping you in his mind.

Remember though: nobody likes a fake compliment, so keep it real!

If you love his fashion sense, his taste in food, the way his eyes sparkle when he smiles, or anything else for that matter – let him know about it.

5. Let Him Hang Out with Friends

What Boys Want - Hang Out with Friends

Guys like to spend time with their buddies – it’s just a fact.

If you get jealous about him spending time with them when he could be with you, this is not appealing at all.

He is going to end up resenting you, even if he agrees to spend time with you instead of doing what he’d planned with them. Don’t complain if he wants to hang out with his friends.

Why not even join in sometimes? Try to enjoy yourself when his friends are around. He will like you all the more for it and feel proud to have you with him.

6. A Girl Who Desires Them

What Boys Want - Be Desired

Boys want to be desired.

Even if they are the ones to pursue you in the first place, letting down your guard at some point and letting him know you find him attractive is important.

There is a careful balance to be struck here though – show him you desire him too soon and you will look desperate, but leave it too late and he’ll feel unwanted and look elsewhere!

There’s nothing wrong with playing hard to get for a while, but pick the right moment to show him you are interested.

7. A Positive Vibe

What Boys Want - A Positive Vibe

Giving off positive energies is always a good thing.

Good energy is contagious and will come back around to you.

If you give off a positive vibe, this is certain to be attractive in the eyes of a boy.

Being negative or pessimistic on the other hand can be a real turnoff.

Everyone has their bad days, but try to stay upbeat and positive even if you don’t feel that way.

8. Physical Closeness

What Boys Want - Physical Closeness

Guys love it when girls want to be close to them.

This shows him that you genuinely like him and want to spend time together.

Unexpected hugs and kisses make him feel happy and treasured by you. As with everything, moderation is the key here.

You want to be close and loving, but not overly clingy!

9. Avoid Arrogance

Being confident is a good thing.

Being overly confident is not!

Being confident means thinking you are good enough, and that is an attractive trait.

However, thinking you are better than everyone else, or showing you don’t care about others, is called arrogance. And that’s a huge turnoff for boys.

10. Authenticity

What Boys Want - Authenticity

There is a lot to be said for the phrase ‘just be yourself’.

Boys want girls to be authentic, rather than trying to pretend they are something else.

Not only is keeping up a pretense difficult, but it’s also pointless. Boys want to know how girls really feel.

If you are both authentic from the get-go, you will be able to figure out pretty soon whether the relationship has any potential or not.

11. Controlled Emotions

What Boys Want - Controlled Emotions

This doesn’t mean hiding your feelings or being in control all the time, but controlling your emotions can be a good thing.

Boys expect girls to be more emotional than they are, or at least to show it more.

However, overreacting, crying over silly things or being dramatic all the time is going to wear him down.

Show your feelings but play it cool as well.

12. Listen When He Talks

What Boys Want - Being a good listener

Being a good listener when he is talking is a great way to show you are interested in him.

It’s only polite to pay attention to what he’s saying and not interrupt, even if he’s getting excited about soccer results, but being a good listener is very attractive in a partner or potential partner.

13. Good Sense of Humor

What Boys Want - Good Sense of Humor

Boys love it when girls find them funny.

Being able to laugh together with someone can result in a better connection with them.

Nobody wants to be around someone without a sense of humor, or who they can’t be happy or silly around sometimes.

14. Be Supportive

What Boys Want - Be Supportive

Just as girls have ambitions and dreams, so do boys.

A little support, such as letting him know you believe in him, can work wonders.

Of course guys can stick up for themselves when the need arises, but if he knows you have his back he’ll admire you even more.

15. Show You Trust Him

What Boys Want - Show Trust

Trust is something that grows with time.

After all, in the early days of a blossoming relationship, you are still getting to know one another.

Trust can be earned when a boy stands up for you or keeps his promise.

Make him feel that you trust him, and are not harboring resentments or jealousy.

16. Be Creative

A little creativity can set you apart from the other girls, and make you appear more attractive to him.

People are attracted to new, fun things, and it doesn’t have to be hard to come up with creative ideas.

Show that you’re clever and fun, to grab his interest. You don’t need to try too hard to be wacky, but coming up with unusual fun ideas can be cool.

17. Express Yourself, Maybe Flirt a Little

Boys don’t always want to be the ones to start when it comes to expressions of romance and love.

You can be flirtatious with your boyfriend – this is an expression of love and shows your playful side.

As far as flirting with others goes, this depends on your relationship.

A little light flirting can be fun if that’s the kind of relationship you have, but anything more is just going to bother your man.

18. Be Open-Minded

Girls who keep an open mind on life’s issues are attractive to boys.

This shows your enthusiasm for life and also shows him you are exciting to be around and want to visit new places and try different experiences with him.

19. Eye Contact

Making eye contact with a boy shows him you are approachable and you aren’t afraid to let him in.

Don’t stare him down though! It is natural to want a lot of eye contact with someone you like or even love.

Looking away a lot of the time can indicate a lack of interest or even boredom.

Friendly eye contact is one of the first ways to let somebody know you are interested.

20. Show You Care

Simple acts of kindness show you have your boyfriend’s best interests at heart.

You don’t have to go out of your way to do anything extreme, but showing kindness to him (and others) will be appealing.

Ask how his day was, cook him a nice meal, or ask him to choose what you do on your next date. This will make him feel cared for and a priority.

He will know that his feelings are important to you.

21. Watch the Neediness Level

Although guys do want to feel needed, too much neediness is never a good thing.

It’s fine to depend on your boyfriend sometimes, and actually guys like that.

However, too much neediness will be seen as a burden rather than a positive attribute, and will make him want to pull back.

22. Text Him First Sometimes

Although many girls think guys always want to make the first move, boys also like it when the roles are reversed.

Send him a text out of the blue, to let him know you are thinking about him. Ask how his day was.

If he’s usually the one to text or call, he will love it when you do it first because it makes him feel cared about and he will know you are thinking about him.

23. A Sense of Adventure

Boys are drawn to fun-loving girls who have a sense of adventure, and are willing to try new things.

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be worth it sometimes. If a boy asks you to join him on an adventurous activity, go for it!

You never know; even if it’s a brand new experience you might just have a lot of fun. And if not, you can’t say you weren’t willing to try!

24. The Importance of Space

Everyone wants to be alone sometimes, or with their buddies instead of their partner.

A healthy mixture of being with you sometimes, alone other times and with his friends at other times is something to strive for.

Don’t insist he spends every free minute with you, else you’ll appear clingy and drive him away.

25. Let Him Help Out

Boys want to feel useful and needed.

Whether you need some advice about your car or help opening a jar, he will love to feel needed.

Boys want to be your Superman, not your Clark Kent.

Even if you don’t really need that jar opened for you… tell him you do!

26. Highlight His Unique Strengths

People tend to compare themselves to others. It is a natural human trait.

Comparing your boyfriend negatively with others can lower his confidence, but highlighting his best attributes will do the opposite.

Tell him what you find wonderful about him, and he will feel cared for and happy.

27. Friendship is Important Too

Boys like all the romantic feelings and actions that go along with a relationship, no matter what stage it is in.

Don’t forget how it all began though, with conversation and being friends.

Keep the friendship alive rather than focusing solely on the romantic elements.

28. Ambition is Good

Having ambitions makes you more likeable and attractive.

It gives you something else to talk about and lets him know you have dreams and goals for the future.

Talking about your ambitions (and caring about his) can be a bonding experience.

29. Boys Love Thoughtful Gifts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on gifts, but boys do see gifts as tokens of affection.

A thoughtful gift shows a boy that you care about him. Ask his family or friends for ideas.

If you’re artistic and creative you might want to come up with something homemade. Sometimes those are the best gifts of all!

30. Communication

This is one of the most critical things that everyone needs, in every friendship and relationship which is important.

Clear communication is always preferable to vague hints.

Don’t beat around the bush – he might not get the hints and then you’ll just end up feeling frustrated.

Sometimes you need to spell things out rather than going through a long process for no reason.

If you have something to say, just say it clearly.

Boys are notorious for not picking up on subtle hints!

In Conclusion

Now you have a better idea of what boys want (and what they really don’t!) you can use these tips to get a boy to like you, or take your current relationship to the next level.

Remember the importance of self-love too. If you take good care of yourself both physically and mentally, this will make you feel good and show him that you would be a girlfriend well worth having!

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