what is filerepmalware

What is FileRepMalware and is it Safe?

Some people have reported problems after their antivirus programs found a potentially threatening file called “FileRepMalware“. Avast and AVG seem to be equally responsive to picking up this suspicious file, although it has happened on … Read more

Steamworks Common Redistributables

What is Steamworks Common Redistributables?

Have you seen Steamworks Common Redistributables appear in your Steam library, and wondered what it was? Gaming on the Windows platform isn’t the same as playing on another platform. When you play using Windows, various … Read more

What is IDP.Generic

What Exactly is IDP.Generic?

Many people who use Windows have seen a notification from their antivirus program saying it found a file infected with IDP.Generic, and are wondering what exactly this is. Is it a virus? The IDP.Generic is … Read more

what is cqa test android

What is CQA Test?

A lot of people are asking me about the CQA test, which suddenly appeared on their Android device. Maybe you are one of them. Did you face unexpected problems after appearing it? If you don’t … Read more