What is ‘Modern Setup Host’ process in Task Manager?

Have you noticed a process called Modern Setup Host using a lot of CPU resources?

Maybe you are wondering what exactly this process is, whether it’s safe and how to fix the high CPU usage.

What Exactly is ‘Modern Setup Host’?

First of all, what is Modern Setup Host anyway, and do you need it on your computer?

Modern Setup Host Task

As you know, Windows is a very popular operating system designed by Microsoft.

Sometimes there are issues with how it works though, which is when Microsoft releases updates to fix them.

Updates are downloaded on to the PC and then get installed by components which came with Windows.

Modern Setup Host is one of these components and will run in the background when your computer is installing an important update.

It will be automatically downloaded and installed and will typically be found in the $Windows.BT folder. It triggers a PC’s upgrade to Windows 10.

Possible Issues/Errors

Sometimes Modern Setup Host might cause an issue on the PC which can be irritating.

Perhaps you have seen one of these error messages while your PC is attempting to install an update:

  • Modern Setup Host has Stopped Working
  • High Disk Usage by Modern Setup Host

In some cases, these errors can be related to Windows activation issues. In step by step guide below, we will show you the easiest way get rid of following errors.

We will also show you, how to fix high CPU usage caused by ‘Modern Setup Host’ to speed up your PC. So let’s get into it.

How to Fix High CPU Usage by ‘Modern Setup Host’

Before trying to fix this error, you might like to wait three hours or so, in order to let the Modern Setup Host run, because the high CPU usage might be temporary.

If it persists though, work through these steps:

  • Press the Windows key and I to open Settings
  • Click on System
Modern Setup Host - Fix High CPU Usage Step 1
  • Than Click on Notifications and Actions
Modern Setup Host - Fix High CPU Usage Step 2
  • Toggle – Get Tips, Tricks and Suggestions as you use Windows to Off
Modern Setup Host - Fix High CPU Usage Step 3
  • Now press the Windows key and I again
  • Click on Personalization
Modern Setup Host - Fix High CPU Usage Step 4
  • After that click on Start
Modern Setup Host - Fix High CPU Usage Step 5
  • Toggle ‘Show Suggestions Occasionally in Start’ to Off
Modern Setup Host - Fix High CPU Usage Step 6
  • Now press the Windows key and I again
  • Click on Windows Update and Security
  • Choose Windows Security
  • Click on ‘App and Browser Control’
  • Toggle all three options to Off to disable Windows SmartScreen
  • Press the Windows key and I again
  • Click Privacy and than choose Background Apps
  • Toggle all unnecessary apps Off
  • Now click the Windows key and R
  • Type the following at the run prompt then press Enter:

control.exe srchadmin.dll

  • Click Modify
  • Uncheck every option
  • Click OK and see whether you still have the error


This is everything you need to know about ‘Modern Setup Host’ task and its functions. I hope this article will help you to fix high disk usage to make your PC faster.

You can also check detailed video guide below. Thank you for your time and see you in the next article.