How to Fix “Video TDR Failure” Error on Windows 10?

The much-dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) occasionally makes an appearance when using Windows 10. Rather than being a Microsoft glitch however, the BSOD is typically related to third party components and software.

Blue screens are often caused by a hard drive issue, memory problem, corrupt system file, or driver issue.

Because there are a number of video TDR failure causes, there are also several possible fixes for the issue.

To solve Video TDR Failure (atikmpag.sys, nvlddmkm.sys or igdkmd64.sys) on Windows 10, you can try the following methods as long as you can access the computer and the BSOD shows after.

If you can’t get onto the PC at all because of the Video TDR Failure however, then do the same but in Safe Mode.

9 Solutions To Fix “VIDEO TDR FAILURE” Blue Screen

Let’s now take a look at some VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE solutions.


Solution #1: Update the Video Driver

The most common reason for Video TDR Failure is the graphics card driver so you need to make sure you’re using the most up to date version.

An older version might clash with Windows 10 and cause similar BSOD like Video Scheduler Internal Error, so updating the graphics card is a good idea.

Use Driver Easy, Driver Booster, Driver Genius or another driver updating tool to update your PC’s drivers.

Any of these can find the most up to date driver versions and install them with one click.

If you prefer to manually update the GPU driver though, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Type this and press Enter: devmgmt.msc
  3. Expand Display Adaptors
  4. Right click on the video driver and click Update Driver
  5. Choose how you prefer to update it
  6. When it has finished updating, reboot the PC

Solution #2: Roll Back the Driver

Sometimes you get a Video TDR Failure error after updating the graphics card driver.

This is because something on your computer is incompatible with the newest version of the driver.

In this case, you have to roll back to the previous driver version to make it work again:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Type this and press Enter: devmgmt.msc
  3. Find the video driver and double click it
  4. Open the tab and click Roll Back Driver
  5. Follow the directions shown on-screen

Note: If the roll back button is grayed out and you can’t click on it, you will need to uninstall the new driver version manually and then download the older one from the manufacturer’s website, before installing that one back manually.

Solution #3: Uninstall the Video Card Driver then Reinstall

Did you try updating and rolling back the driver, and you’re still experiencing a Video TDR Failure error?

If so, the next fix is to reinstall the video driver after uninstalling it.

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Type this and press Enter: devmgmt.msc
  3. Right click on the driver and click Uninstall Device
  4. Follow the directions on the screen
  5. Now use one of the driver update tools listed above, or download the driver from the manufacturer’s website, using whichever of these links is applicable:

Once you are on the site you need to choose the model of your graphics card then download the most up to date version, or the previous one, depending which you need.

Install the downloaded driver and hopefully this will fix the error.

Solution #4: Fix Video TDR Failure Due to atikmpag.sys

AMD graphics card users often get the BSOD and on their display it might show a driver called atikmpag.sys along with the error name.

Try the above three solutions first and then try this one if they didn’t work.

  • Go to C:\windows\drivers\
  • Locate atikmpag.sys
  • Change its name to atikmpag.sys.old
  • You could delete it but it’s best to simply rename it
  • Reinstall the driver (as described above) or replace it with another from your computer
  • Go to C:\ATI and locate a file named atikmdag.sy_ or atikmpag.sy_
  • Copy it to the desktop
  • Open Start then type cmd
  • Right click on the prompt and select Run as an Administrator
  • Run these commands:

chdir desktop
expand -r atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys


expand.exe atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys

  • Copy the new copy of atikmdag.sys to C:\windows\drivers\
  • Restart the computer

Solution #5: Fix Video TDR Failure Due to nvlddmkm.sys

The Blue Screen of Death might be to do with the nvlddmkm.sys if you’re using an NVIDIA graphics card.

If this sounds like the scenario, it is necessary to uninstall the NVIDIA driver completely before reinstalling it, following the directions listed above.

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Solution #6: Fix Video TDR Failure Due to igdkmg64.sys

Uninstall the Intel HD Graphics driver then reinstall it.

Solution #7: Run CHKDSK

Are you still having trouble with the Blue Screen of Death? Don’t worry because there are a couple more fixes to try.

These are the steps to take in order to run the CHKDSK command:

  • Press the Windows key and X
  • Click on Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Type in this command then press Enter, swapping the drive letter (C) for another if necessary:

chkdsk/ f /r C:

  • Press Y
  • Press Enter
  • Restart the computer and basic disk issues will be repaired.

If one of those was causing the BSOD it should be fixed now.

Solution #8: Analyze Dump File

A dump file is useful in determining why you are getting a stop error using Windows 10.

You need to analyze the minidump file:

  1. Open Start and click Run
  2. Type this then press Enter: sysdm.cpl
  3. Click on Advanced then Settings under the Startup & Recovery section
  4. Click to see the drop down meny under Write Debugging Information
  5. Select Small Memory Dump (256 kb) then press OK
  6. The typical location for the dump will be %SystemRoot%\Minidump so you can find it here: C:\Windows\Minidump
  7. Download Blue Screen Viewer from here to help you read and understand the memory dump

Solution #9: Change PCI Express Power Management

If the Video TDR Failure is still happening, you should change the PCI express power management settings, like this:

  1. Open Start and click Run
  2. Type this and press Enter: powercfg.cpl
  3. Click on High Performance then Change Plan Settings
  4. Click on Changed Advanced Power Settings
  5. Locate PCI Express and expand
  6. Expand Link State Power Management
  7. Where it says On Battery and Plugged In, change both to Off
  8. Save then restart your PC


I hope at least one of the nine solutions mentioned above will help you to fix Video TDR Failure blue screen error. You can also check detailed video guide below: