AdBlock not Working on Twitch: 14 Ways To Fix it

Many Twitch users complain that AdBlock is not working on Twitch anymore in 2021. Wondering why? Let’s find out!

There are several reasons why AdBlock might not be working for you on Twitch.

Why is AdBlock not Working on Twitch?

It might be because you have an out of date AdBlock extension in your browser. Another reason might be a web browser player or the Network Service on Chrome.

Maybe you have an issue with your browser or a clash with another extension. Even AdBlock’s own filters not being set optimally can cause it to fail on Twitch.

A browser extension capable of blocking ads is a type of software which affects how advertising is displayed (or stops it altogether) when you are using an app or web browser.

However, if Twitch inserts an ad right into the stream, AdBlock might not be able to block it.

AdBlock not Working on Twitch – Most Common Reasons

  1. Outdated AdBlock
  2. Wrong AdBlock settings
  3. AdBlock conflicts with another browser extension
  4. AdBlock’s Twitch filters not being set optimally
  5. Wrong Chrome settings

How To Fix Non Working AdBlock on Twitch

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make AdBlock work to block advertisements on Twitch:

1) Update AdBlock

If you don’t update your extensions often, you might run into problems. Check whether you are using an outdated AdBlock extension which is not capable of blocking Twitch Ads.

Here is how to do that (assuming you are using the Chrome browser):

  • Open Chrome, and type this in the address bar: “chrome://extensions
  • Now go to “Chrome Extensions” and toggle ‘Developer mode’ to “On“.
  • Next, click on ‘Update’ to update all your Chrome extensions.
Update your AdBlock

Restart the browser, then restart Twitch and see if that worked. If not, there are other solutions to try.

2) Change AdBlock Settings

Although AdBlock can begin blocking ads immediately after being installed, there might be a separate setting to control Twitch advertisements.

Because the default is to disable this, you will need to toggle it to enable.

  • Open Chrome and find the AdBlock icon next to the address bar.
  • Click on it, then click on the gear icon to open your AdBlock settings.
AdBlock not Working on Twitch AdBlock Settings
AdBlock Settings
  • Find the general options, then make sure “Allow Acceptable Ads” is unchecked.
AdBlock not Working on Twitch AdBlock Settings
Uncheck this option

Restart Chrome and check to see whether this solution worked.

3) Change Chrome Settings

Chrome’s network service might not be accessible to AdBlock. To check whether this is the issue:

  • Open Chrome and type this in the address bar: “chrome://flags
  • Type ‘Network Service’ in the search flags box, then set ‘Data reduction proxy with network service’ and ‘Runs network service in-process’ to disabled.
AdBlock not Working on Twitch Chrome Settings
Edit Chrome Settings
  • Save your changes, then restart Chrome.

If this solution worked, don’t forget to repeat these steps whenever your Chrome is updated.

4) Install HLS AdBlock

Twitch likes to show ads whenever you begin to watch a new channel, and these are inserted directly into the HLS stream.

Installing HLS AdBlock can fix this issue because it patches Twitch’s technique and edits the playlist requested every few seconds. In this way, segments containing ads are simply removed.

  • To try this solution, download the HLS AdBlock app, unzip it into a folder.
  • Type in chrome://extensions/ into and activate developer mode.
  • Next, click on ‘load unpacked’ and go the the directory where the extension is.
  • Restart Chrome and see whether this has fixed the issue.

5) Try an Alternative Player

Alternate Player for is an extension which was known before as Twitch 5. It can remove most advertisements from live streams, and the settings can be adjusted to suit your web connection.

AdBlock not Working on Twitch - Alternate Player

This player allows you to watch the broadcast using an alternative player, such as VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic for example.

Simply download Alternate Player for Twitch, add the extension to your browser and restart your browser to see whether this fixes the issue.

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6) Try AdGuard Extension

AdGuard is an extension which blocks ads including rich media advertising, video ads, banners, pop-ups and more.


It can handle a lot of the AdBlock circumvention scripts which is the technique Twitch favors.

Download AdGuard, then install it and run. This might solve the problem. Else, read on for more solutions.

7) Try Using Filters

AdBlock comes with white list, blacklist and custom filter lists, which you can add to manually. Try adding Twitch ads stream to the extension’s blacklist.

  • Click on the AdBlock extension then the AdBlock gear icon to open the settings.
  • Click on “Customize” then “Edit” (next to ‘Manually edit your filters’).
  • Now add the following, one on each line:
  • Save and restart the browser to see whether this has helped.

8) Try an Android App or Emulator

Twitch has an Android app, so you might want to try this. You can get BlueStacks or a similar Android emulator on the computer too.

AdBlock not Working on Twitch - Twitch Android App

Open Twitch using Android (or the emulator) then when you see an ad click ‘learn more’ and then click the back button right away to skip the ad.

9) Download Streamlink Twitch GUI

This is a web application which can bypass any add and it allows you to use any video player.

AdBlock not Working on Twitch - Streamlink Twitch GUI

Download Streamlink Twitch GUI and see whether it solves the ads problem.

10) Use Ublock Origin Instead

This ad blocker can run thousands of filters and doesn’t have much of an impact on CPU or memory. You might like to try this instead of AdBlock.


Download Ublock Origin then run Twitch and see what happens.

11) Try uMatrix

uMatrix can block scripts, ads, iframes and more. You can point and click to restrict specific browser requests.

AdBlock not Working on Twitch - uMatrix

Simply add uMatrix to your browser then restart and see whether it works.

12) Use Brave Browser

This free, open source browser blocks ads as well as website trackers.


Download, install and run Brave Browser to see whether this fixes the issue.

13) Install User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher is a Chrome extension that converts the user agent in Brave Browser to be iOS or Android.

AdBlock not Working on Twitch - User Agent Switcher

To try this, you will first need to install Brave Browser and have uMatrix and Ublock Origin extensions added.

Download User-Agent Switcher and then run it as Android.

14) Invest in Twitch Turbo

If none of the above worked, or you just want a simple solution and don’t mind paying a small fee, Twitch Turbo might be your best bet.

AdBlock not Working on Twitch - Twitch Turbo

This comes with various features including ad-free viewing. To find out more, open your Twitch Turbo subscription page and subscribe.

Now you can watch stream without all those annoying ads!

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