How to Fix Vizio “SmartCast TV Not Available” Message?

In this article I’m going to show you how you can fix “SmartCast TV Not Available” problem on Vizio TV.

SmartCast TV Not Available

Watching shows, videos and movies is always more enjoyable on a big screen rather than a small one such as a phone screen.

Chromecast technology inside the device enables you to cast videos from a phone or tablet to a Vizio SmartCast TV.

Sometimes you might experience an error message that says “SmartCast TV Not Available” and looks like this:

Vizio SmartCast TV Not Available

There can be different reasons for this error message, including technical Smart TV issues which blocks contents from being mirrored, or maybe you have a network configuration problem. Software glitches can also happen and cause such an error.

Regardless of why you are experiencing this error message, there are a few different ways to solve the problem and get Vizio SmartCast TV back up and running.

5 Ways to Fix SmartCast TV Not Available Message on VIZIO

Let’s take a look at some of the fixes you might want to try:

Fix #1: Check the Internet Connection

You can make your network better by changing the location of your router or even bypassing it altogether and connecting the modem to the Vizio SmartCast TV instead.

First though, it’s a good idea to perform an internet speed test to check it is running at a fast enough speed.

Fix #2: Try Another Network

Try connecting the Vizio SmartCast TV to another network to see whether that solves the issue.

If you don’t have another network available to use where you are located, then try using your mobile hotspot, because we are just trying to see whether your ISP is responsible for the error.

Connecting to another network will help you figure out whether it’s the network causing the problem.

Fix #3: Power Cycle

Power cycling means switching off your network devices and the SmartCast TV to delete any temporary configurations which might be responsible for the ‘Vizio SmartCast TV Not Working or Not Available’ error.

This is how to perform a power cycle:

  1. Switch off the TV, as well as the router and modem and unplug them.
  2. Wait for a minute at least.
  3. Now plug-in the modem and wait for it to connect completely (do the same with the router).
  4. Plug in the Vizio SmartCast TV
  5. Switch the TV on

Now see whether you still have the error.

Fix #4: Change the DHCP Setting

If the above solutions haven’t worked, the next step is to change your network’s DHCP setting. This means every device will get a new IP address, and hopefully that will stop the error from recurring.

This is how to change the DHCP setting on Vizio:

  1. Switch your Vizio SmartCast TV off.
  2. Open a browser on your PC and type in the URL of your router.
  3. Now login with your username and password.
  4. Look for the DHCP setting in “Settings“.
  5. It will be under “Network Settings” or “Advanced Settings“.
  6. If it is disabled, enable it – If it is enabled, disable it and then re-enable it.
  7. Click Save and close the settings page

Turn on the TV and see whether the error persists.

Fix #5: Do a Full Factory Reset

Although it is possible to reset your Vizio SmartCast TV with a factory reset, this should be the last resort because it means losing all the apps, settings and content.

Try the above solutions first, and then this one only if none of the above work.

This is how to factory reset a Vizio SmartCast TV:

  1. On the TV menu, press “Menu” and than “System“.
  2. Go to “Reset & Admin“.
  3. Click on “Reset TV to Factory Settings“.
  4. If you’re using your TV’s buttons, push both the Volume Down + Input buttons for 5 seconds or until you see a bar on the TV.
  5. Press Input again for 5 seconds or until the TV switches off.
  6. Now turn the TV back on and follow the reset instructions displayed on the screen.

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