How to Fix Error Code m7361-1253 on Netflix?

Everyone loves to settle down on the couch with a blanket and popcorn and watch the latest movie on Netflix. Sometimes however things can go awry.

Netflix Error Code m7361-1253

There are few things more irritating than not being able to connect, so if you are getting Netflix error code m7361-1253, read on to find out what this means and how you can fix it.

What is Error Code m7361-1253?

This error stops Netflix streaming content and can also stop videos playing on Google Play with an error code 2. But is this the fault of Netflix or their VPN provider?

Error Code m7361-1253 Netflix

The Netflix error code m7361-1253 is actually related to a connection issue that is preventing the Netflix server from connecting to your device.

Are you experiencing this error on your PC, MAC or another device?

5 Ways To Fix Error Code m7361-1253

Let’s take a look at some possible fixes, so you can get back to your movie as soon as possible.

Fix #1: Restart the Device

This is always a good place to start and a quick restart could solve error code m7361-1253.

Sometimes if you unplug headphones before plugging them back in fast, the error can occur.

Fix #2: Disable and Re-enable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is a Chrome feature that is supposed to enhance your experience, but it can sometimes cause issues like mouse lags.

If you see error code m7361-1253 and you have Hardware Acceleration enabled, then try disabling it and re-enabling it like this:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Go to Settings (the button in the top right with three dots)
  3. Go to Advanced Settings
  4. Select System
  5. Go to ‘Use Hardware Acceleration When Available’
  6. Disable it
  7. Re-enable it
  8. Restart Chrome
  9. Open Netflix and see if the error has been fixed

Fix #3: Try Some Browser Fixes

Because your browser might be the cause of error code m7361-1253 on Netflix, you can apply some fixes to see whether that solves it, including these:

  • Clear out the cookies
  • Restart the browser
  • Try another browser

There might be corrupt cookies in the Netflix folder.

This is how to clear them out:

  1. Go to
  2. Clear out these cookies
  3. You will be redirected from Netflix back to the Home screen
  4. Now connect the Netflix VPN
  5. Sign into Netflix with your login and password
  6. See whether the error code persists

Restarting your web browser is a simple fix which sometimes helps with Netflix error code m7361-1253:

  1. Close Chrome or whichever browser you are using
  2. Restart it
  3. Login to your Netflix account
  4. See whether it is error-free now

If neither of those solve the error, it is a good idea to try another browser. You need to choose one which supports HTML5 so your PC is optimized for Netflix playback.

  1. Download the newest version of Chrome, Opera or Firefox (something you weren’t using when you got the error)
  2. Connect to Netflix and launch it.

If you still don’t have success, you need to contact your internet service provider.

Fix #4: Does Your ISP Support Netflix?

Occasionally the reason behind Netflix errors like m7361-1253 or m7353-5101 can be your internet service itself. Ask your ISP whether Netflix has restricted access.

A lot of public WiFi networks do restrict access to high bandwidth-users such as streaming video services.

Of course you can use cellular data to play Netflix but even that is a lot slower than DSL or cable.

Fix #5: Check the Antivirus

Sometimes the error is caused by an over-zealous antivirus program or firewall clashing with the Netflix web player.

This is how to resolve such an issue:

  • Disable all firewalls and antivirus programs
  • Connect to Netflix VPN
  • See whether it works

If Netflix does start working again after this fix, you need to update your antivirus software. But if it still doesn’t work after doing this, you will need to contact your antivirus provider or consider an alternative.


Those are five simple ways to fix Error Code m7361-1253 on Netflix. If none of the five tutorials above helped you, try to visit Netflix help center.

I hope you find this tutorial useful and see you in the next article.