How To Fix Roblox Error Code 267?

Do you see a Roblox error message which says “Disconnected: you were kicked from this game: Unspecified reason (Error code: 267)“?

Are you getting this every time you try to play? This is actually quite common. Fortunately it can be fixed pretty easily.

Let’s take a look at how to fix error code 267 in Roblox.

This is what we will be trying:

  1. Set Chrome as your default browser
  2. Reset all your browser settings
  3. Check your Wi-Fi is working properly
  4. Verify the security settings of your browser
  5. If you are using an ad-blocker, disable it
  6. Bypass the error code 267 error code (see below)

What Causes Roblox Error Code 267?

This error shows up when a user is kicked out of the game for using a script including admin commands.

The cause of this issue is a game developer’s illegal insertion of script, rather than anything being wrong with Roblox itself.

If the game views something as suspicious it kicks the player off the game, in order to try to prevent exploiting or hacking.

Roblox Error Code 267
Roblox Error Code 267

However, error code 267 can show up in Roblox because of other causes. Take a look at the exact message you are getting. Is it one of the following?

  • You were kicked from this game: Banned from server or Roblox error code 267 kicked by server
  • You were kicked from this game: Self Moderate

These messages can usually be seen when the user has a problem with Avast Antivirus, Windows Firewall, empty Roblox game data, or a slow internet connection.

A poor Wi-Fi connection can cause issues with your Windows Firewall. If you are using a slow internet connection, Roblox maps can take quite a while to download.

Try to download a VPN and then connect to a better internet signal.

Another Roblox error can be seeing a blank game, which can mean the developer has not built anything inside that part of the game.

Similar Roblox Error Codes

Here are some of the most common Roblox error codes, why they happen and how to fix them:

Error CodeDisplayed MessageReasonPossible Fix
Client CrashAn unexpected error took place. Roblox needs to quit. We’re sorry!Memory shortage, too high a ping.Wait for a stable internet connection and increase your memory.
Error Code 277DISCONNECTED: Lost connection to the game server, please reconnectFaulty internet connectionHow to fix Roblox error code 277
Error Code 279Failed to connect to the Game.Connection or Windows Firewall issueHow To Fix Roblox Error Code 279
Error Code 524Not authorized to launch this gameIssues with the game serverHow to Fix Roblox Error Code 524
Launch ErrorAn error took place while launching the game; Please try again after some timeMaintenance in the gameWait until the maintenance period ends and start Roblox again
We’re building amazing things for youThe game is upgrading with new featuresWait until the maintenance period is over, then restart the game

It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows 10 or Windows 7 – seeing Roblox error code 267 is still a possibility. It can be annoying to be kicked out of the game, but there are some easy ways to get around this issue.

5 Ways To Fix Roblox Error Code 267

These are the best ways to fix it:

1) Make Chrome Your Default Browser

Opening Roblox via an old browser can cause problems with the game. The simplest way to fix this is just to ensure your browser is updated.

Chrome is the most trusted browser, so try this one if another is causing issues.

2) Reset Your Browser Settings

Error 267 might be fixed if you reset your internet options. Here is how to do that:

  1. Open Chrome or the browser you prefer
  2. Find the gear icon then click on it
  3. Now click on “Advanced Options
  4. Click “Reset” then close your browser
  5. Relaunch Roblox

3) Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

You need to find out whether your internet connection is stable and fast enough to run Roblox. See if you can use a wired connection to test the internet strength and speed.

Make sure you clear your browser cache before opening the game, else you will not get up to date results.

4) Verify the Security Settings on Your Browser

It is important the check your browser’s security settings to see whether they are preventing Roblox from launching.

If they are not correct, this can result in issues on other games such as the Dev Error 6328 code on Modern Warfare.

5) Disable Ad-Blockers

These can stop Roblox from loading, so ensure any ad-blockers are disabled before you launch your game.

There are other Chrome extensions you can try for ad removal if your ad-blocker is interfering with Roblox.

6) Bypass Roblox Error Code 267

If you have tried all the above suggestions and you are still encountering Roblox error code 267, you might need to try this.

Roblox usually gets around to fixing all its update bugs but it might take some time.

  • Uninstall Roblox and re-install a fresh copy.
  • Then install the app in your PC, run a good VPN and try to open and play the game.

Common Roblox Error Code 267 Questions

What is Error Code 267 in Roblox?

This means your account has a temporary ban for trying to play unfairly or hacking the game or – your internet connection might have got interrupted during loading or gameplay – basically, your PC could not connect to the Roblox server.

How do you fix Roblox Error Code 267

You will need to change some browser settings (see above) and manually allow the game through your Windows Firewall.

I got an Error Code 267 Ban – How Do I Recover My Game?

If this happens, it will take at least a month to get your account back again. Although getting kicked out of the game with Roblox error code 267 can be annoying, the above fixes can hopefully solve the problem and get you back up and playing again in no time.