Discord Update Failed? 5 Simple Ways To Fix It

Have you tried to update Discord but update failed? Discord is a VoIP service used by gamers all over the world, held in high esteem for its awesome features.

However, the Discord service uses a lot of your PC’s resources and also requires a number of permissions from various apps, which means it can conflict with other computer processes and cause errors.

This can lead to problems trying to update Discord because of Discord files you have on your PC, your antivirus or other software, or a mixture of these.

Perhaps you can’t hear your team mates or your microphone won’t pick up your voice. Maybe you want to share your screen with friend but audio is not working.

To fix following problems you need to update your Discord. But what to do if discord update failed?

How To Fix “Discord Update Failed” Error?

There are a number of fixes you can try to fix a Discord not updating error, so let’s take a look and hopefully one of them will work for you.

Discord update failed

Solution #1: Launch Discord as an Admin

Before uninstalling anything or changing settings, the first step is to launch the app as an administrator.

This step might fix the updating issue if Discord needs admin-level privileges to run.

Note: Before you start, make sure Discord is closed and not running any processes on your computer. You can check this using Task Manager and end any Discord processes which are still running.

  • Right click the Discord icon on your desktop, click “Run as Administrator” and then click “Yes“.

Discord update should work now.

Solution #2: Reinstall Discord

If trying to update as an admin didn’t work, the next step is to reinstall the app. You can get a new installer from DiscordApp and then just run that.

If your PC isn’t letting you reinstall it, go to Task Manager and end any Discord processes then try again.

You could also attempt to install the latest Discord version (including the update) on the same version of Discord already on your computer.

Solution #3: Disable Windows Defender and Firewall

Windows Defender is Windows 10’s built-in antivirus and it can occasionally misclassify safe files as potentially threatening ones.

This is how to disable it, when you update Discord:

  1. Go to “Update and Security” in Windows settings.
  2. Click on “Windows Security” and than click on “Virus and Threat Protection“.
  3. Choose “Manage Settings” and switch the “Turn On Real Time Protection” to “Off“.
  4. Save your changes, exit the app and try to update Discord.
  5. If successful, go back to “Windows Security” and turn “Real Time Protection” back “On“.

Another way to do this is to get Windows Defender Firewall to unblock all incoming connections.

This is how to do that:

  1. Run search and type in “Firewall and Network Protection“.
  2. Run the program and open the active network connection.
  3. Unclick “Block all incoming connections” under “Windows Defender Firewall“.
  4. Disable the “Windows Firewall” and try to update Discord again.

Note: Remember to turn the Firewall back on afterwards

Solution #3: Disable Your Antivirus Program

A third party antivirus can sometimes be the cause of Discord not updating properly.

Some antivirus apps quarantine safe files, wrongly thinking they are dangerous ones.

  1. Open your antivirus and disable its protection.
  2. Go to Task Manager and make sure none of the antivirus processes are running.
  3. Now go to the location where you downloaded the Discord update, right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator” to update it (ignore any warning messages that might come up).

Solution #4: Install Discord to Another Folder

If the above solutions don’t work, try installing the program to another folder on your computer.

Find the Discord folder on your computer and move it somewhere else, then try updating it again, selecting the new location of the folder when the installation wizard asks where to install.

Solution #5: Rename the Update File

  1. Open File Explorer and type this in the path field: %LocalAppData%
  2. Locate the “update.exe” file in the Discord folder, change its name to something else and try to update it again.

This one is simple, but it might work!


Hopefully one of the above five solutions will fix your “Discord update failed” updating issue. If you are still unable to update Discord, you can check video guide below or try to contact Discord Customer Support.

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