How To Fix Samsung Washer UR Error Code?

Modern washing machines have self-diagnostics systems built in. These systems control the assembly work and sensor and can detect a fault and inform the user by way of an error code.

For example, Samsung washer error code UR means an unbalanced load in the drum. Basically, the drum will shake loose and won’t accelerate as much as needed.

A UR error code on a Samsung washing machine might also come up as a UB error, a UE error or an F4 error, depending on the model.

For the purpose of clarity, we will use the Samsung washer UR error code in this article.

Causes & Fixes of Samsung Washing Machine UR Error

This error can happen when laundering or rinsing, but most often it happens when the spinning program begins.

When the machine is going to spin, it will start up the drum and stop when the necessary rotating speed is reached.

If there is an imbalance in the drum axis, the machine will try to speed it up a few times, and then stop if unsuccessful. The UR error will then show up on the digital screen.

This error can lead to drum damage or suspending spring damage. Let’s take a closer look at what might be causing the Samsung UR error.

#1 Incorrect Laundry Balance

This is probably the most common cause behind the UR error, so it is the first thing to check.

Before going into the spin cycle, the washer should distribute the launch evenly in the drum by rotating it back and forth slowly.

If this isn’t possible, you will have an imbalance leading to vibration and then the UR error.

Reasons and fixes of Incorrect Laundry Balance

There are various reasons behind incorrect laundry placement or uneven laundry laying:

  1. Insufficient load: either add more laundry to the machine or choose a program with fewer rotations.
  2. Too Much in there: remove some of the laundry so the load is within the maximum allowed volume and weight.
  3. Washing shoes without a bag: remove the footwear and use a special bag for it.
  4. Mixing fabrics that absorb water differently: try not to mix these because the more absorbent items will be heavier (hold more water).
  5. Washing a mixture of small and large items: distribute the items manually so they are more level.
  6. Laundry balls up as it spins: flatten out the crumpled items so they aren’t balled up and heavier on one side.

Before attempting any of the above, press the Start/Stop button to stop the current program, and power off the washing machine.

Now remove the filter to let out the residual water, then put it back.

If none of the above issues seems to be the cause of error code UR, remove all the laundry and run a short program without laundry or detergent.

If you still get the UR error code, you know one of the washer components is to blame and not your laundry.

These are other causes of a persistent UR error:

#2 Uneven Floor Surface

Having the washing machine on an uneven floor can result in the load being unevenly distributed, especially when the washer tries to spin.

You will need to move the washing machine to a more even area of the floor or use something between part of the washing machine and the floor to level things out.

#3 Faulty Control Unit

Power off the washing machine for 15 minutes, then restart it. The problem might have been caused by one single digital controller failure.

It might have detected an imbalance when in fact there wasn’t one.

If you are still getting the UR error and the drum is rotating one way, the control circuit board might be faulty and sending the wrong commands.

You will need to either replace the whole thing or solder any blown components.

#4 Broken Speed Transducer

The transducer controls the rotations. A fault with the transducer can result in one of the following issues:

  • A drum rotating normally (or twitching a bit on a direct-drive washer) but still getting a UR error when washing, spinning or rinsing.
  • A washing machine not working at all, and then a UR error code reporting an imbalance.

If this is happening, it means the washer rotation sensor can no longer control the speed and must be replaced.

#5 Worn Bearing

There is a bearing unit in the washer which connects the motor with the pulley and shaft that transfers the torque.

When this works well, the drum will rotate smoothly.

If it gets damaged because of wear and tear or by water coming in, the machine will make a noise while trying to speed up (more noticeable during the spinning cycle).

You will see the UR error code, and possibly see oil stains on the ground. The fix for this is to install a new bearing and gland.

#6 Damage To The Drive Belt

A worn belt might slip sometimes. This makes a squeaking noise which will get louder with every load of laundry.

In addition, you might notice a burning rubber smell.

If the drive belt gets stretched, torn or separated into layers, the machine won’t be able to spin fast enough. You must then mend or replace the drive belt.

#7 Broken Dampening Assembly Or Suspension

Springs help to suspend the drum on its casing, and there are vibration dampers underneath. If either of these fail, you will get Samsung error code UR.

An issue with the springs or dampers can cause an imbalance. You might hear rattles or loud noises if this occurs.

The springs and/or dampers will need to be mended or replaced.

#8 Worn Electrical Motor Brushes

If you can spin the drum manually easily but it can’t reach the necessary speed when operational, the corner brushes might be worn down.

These offer the magnetic field which the rotor needs to spin properly.

Failure of these brushes can cause a UR error code. In this scenario, you’d need to remove the motor to check and replace the faulty components.

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