How To Fix ‘SIM Not Provisioned’ Error?

Getting a new SIM card to work properly isn’t always smooth sailing and the ‘SIM Not Provisioned’ or ‘SIM Not Provisioned MM2’ error can sometimes appear.

sim not provisioned

We are going to take a look at why you would experience this error when changing over SIM cards and what exactly it means.

SIM cards contain information that’s helpful when identifying your cellphone account. Your phone is identified as yours on the mobile network, because of the IMEI number, so you can make calls and access the internet.

What Causes This Error?

The ‘SIM Not Provisioned MM2’ error can occur when you try to register a new SIM card. If it occurs when you’re not trying to register a new SIM card then it probably means your SIM is faulty and should be replaced.

This error usually happens when one of the following happens:

  • You are transferring your phone contacts on to a new SIM card.
  • You bought a new phone and a new SIM card.
  • The SIM card isn’t inserted correctly.
  • Your mobile network provider’s server isn’t available (eg: the Apple server has to be online to use an iPhone).

It’s also possible to get the error if you’re trying to use a SIM card which is locked to another phone. The SIM must be unlocked so you can use it in any compatible cellphone.

This error can happen on devices which are connected to the Google Fi network. This is a combination of Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

‘SIM Not Provisioned for Voice’ Meaning

It typically means you won’t be able to make or answer voice calls.

What Does ‘SIM Not Provisioned’ Mean?

If this error message includes a number, it’s because you are using a dual-SIM phone.

Both slots are numbered so it’s possible to see ‘SIM 2 Not Provisioned’ for example.

When you follow the solutions below, you will just need to do the processes twice, once for each SIM card.

How To Fix ’SIM Not Provisioned’ Error?

Now let’s take a look at five different methods you can try to solve this error.

Solution 1: Restart the Phone

Sometimes turning the phone off and back on again can solve the issue. Power down the phone and wait a few seconds.

Now power it back on and see whether the SIM card is activated and the error message has gone.

If this works, then the issue was down to the SIM activation or network.

Solution 2: Check the Sim Card Is Inserted Correctly

See whether the SIM card is inserted properly. The error might also be down to an ill-fitting SIM. Perhaps the SIM card slot isn’t well designed.

Turn the phone off and locate the SIM (the SIM card can be found on an older model of phone by sliding or popping open the back panel).

You might have to take the battery out to get to it. If your phone doesn’t have a removable battery, the SIM card slot will probably be on the side of the phone.

You will need an SIM eject tool to open the caddy the SIM is sitting in. Check for a little hole on the side of your handset and insert the tool to eject the SIM card.

Make sure you remove the SIM card, not the microSD storage card – it can be tricky to get the SIM card out.

You might find a pair of tweezers helpful. Blow on the removed card and dust it with a lint-free cloth.

Put it back into the slot, making sure you position it correctly. You will probably see an engraving or sticker next to the slot showing which way to insert it.

Once you have replaced the SIM, turn the phone back on and see whether the ‘SIM Not Provisioned’ error has gone.

If it’s still there, see whether the SIM works in a different cellphone.

Solution #3: Activate the Sim Card

A SIM card is usually automatically activated within twenty-four hours of being placed in a new phone.

If it doesn’t activate in this time frame though, you have three choices to activate it:

  1. Send an SMS
  2. Call an automated number
  3. Log on to the carrier’s website’s activation page

Different SIMs offer different options depending what the carrier supports.

Any of the above should solve the SIM not provisioned issue though.

Solution #4: Contact Your Network Provider or Carrier

Didn’t the above work? In that case, you might need to phone your carrier or network provider from another device.

Tell them about the error message along with the fixes you tried that didn’t work.

It might turn out there is a problem with the activation server, which will stop a SIM card activating.

Your carrier will probably investigate the issue and keep you on the line.

If there is an activation server issue, you might have to wait while they fix it, although the good news here is you will know the reason behind the error and when it’s likely to be resolved.

Solution #5: Get Another Sim Card

If none of the above solutions work and your carrier can’t diagnose the issue either, you might have to buy a new SIM card.

If your phone supports it, you can get an eSIM. It’s typically faster to go to a local phone shop than call your network.

If there’s a local branch of your network nearby, that’s even handier.

They can run some SIM diagnostics and hopefully fix the ‘SIM not provisioned MMS’ problem you’re experiencing.

They will probably repeat some of the above steps since they run through everything in their process.

If you do need a new SIM card at the end of this, the store will be able to swap the SIMs over using their special tools.

They will then associate the new SIM card with your phone account.

As long as the SIM you are trying to use fits into the slot in your phone and is compatible, one of the above solutions should definitely work.


If you have restarted the phone, checked the SIM is seated properly, activated the SIM, contacted your phone carrier, tried a new SIM card and you still have the issue.

You’ll need to get a replacement SIM card from your network or carrier.

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